The 4 Habits That Built This Successful Entertainment CEO's Morning Routine

Arash Shirazi, CEO of the The Bullitt Agency, is a strong advocate for positive morning routines--and that says a lot coming from a guy who has access to some of the entertainment industry's top tier talent, venues, nightclubs, and events.

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Adventures In The Exciting, Exhausting, Lucrative, Beat-Blasted World of DJ Management

Arash Shirazi is the CEO of The Bullitt Agency, which manages international DJs, including the Grammy Award-winning DJ Dubfire, along with Better Lost Than Stupid, Davide Squillace, and Satoshi Tomiie. As dance and electronic music surges in popularity—Rolling Stone magazine recently featured the producer-DJ Deadmau5 on its cover—we caught up with Shirazi to find out more about the business behind the music.

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5 Ways This CEO Engages Millennials and Empowers Them to Grow

The big question executives and business owners are racking their brains with these days is how to engage younger employees—specifically millennials. It's no surprise, then, that these stereotypes have left a bad taste in a lot of employers' mouths. But, one CEO who says he's found a way to see all those traits as a positive, is Arash Shirazi.

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4 Tips from an Uber Successful CEO to Help You Recalibrate for the New Year

Every great business leader knows to take some time at the end of each year to reflect and look for ways to improve—as a team, as well as individually. Reviewing the year prior in detail is what allows a successful leader to see what went right, what could have been done better, and ultimately how to adjust the business and improve moving forward.

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How Does This CEO Learn About His Employees? He Gives Them “The Coffee Test” (And It’s Not What You Think)

The cliche that accompanies just about any entry-level office job out of college is the assumption that your first task (as an aspiring young professional) will be to run seven blocks in the sweltering heat to grab an office full of grumpy individuals coffee. But for Arash Shirazi, CEO of The Bullitt Agency, a coffee order is far from a menial task. In fact, he uses it as a metric to better understand his employees—especially Millennials.

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How Arash Shirazi Stays Fit in Style

Arash Shirazi admits he gets bored easily. It’s probably led to success as the co-founder of The Bullitt Agency; slowing down isn’t an option, especially when the Miami Film Festival debuts your first documentary. The Rockville native varies his routine between interval and weight training, running, boxing and yoga. “DC is one of the best cities for fitness—we have so many options to choose from,” Shirazi says. “Wellness is about intersecting mind, body and nutrition. Don’t pursue only an aesthetic goal; instead, think of fitness as a bigger conduit to become your best self.”

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